Handmade Woven Cushions Alentejana Clássica (Premium)


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Base Color / Pattern
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Hand made Woven in Merino wool, this is one of the oldest patterns of our collection,  with more than 100 years old this model can be seen in our museum room. The Cushions in the picture have 44x44cm.


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Dimensions (cm)

cushions 44×44, cushions 58x30cm, cushions 58×58, alomofada 58×40

Base Color / Pattern

alentejan classica base amarelo gil desenho laranja fushia, Alentejana Classica Base cru & verde 13, Alentejana Classica Base Cru desenho rosa pó, alentejana classica base lilas 18 e desenho rosa 07, alentejana classica base verde 603 e desenho verde 687, alentejana classica base vermelho e desenho cru, Alentejana Classica Beringela & Rosa Velho 535, Alentejana classica Grená 548 & azul 708, Alentejana classica Rosa Fushia & amarelo Gil 04, Alentejana classica Rosa Fushia & azul 708, Alentejano classico base blue 11 draw off white, Alentejano classico base cru desenho amarelo 04, Alentejano classico base off white draw black, alentejano classico base salmão desenho rosa pó, alentejano classico base turqueza desenho verde portugal, alentejano classico base vermelha desenho a rosa fushia