Handmade Woven Bed Blanket or Area Rug Amendoeira


Dimensions (cm)
Base Color / Pattern
Nova VariaçãoNew Variation

Woven in  merino wool this Rug, Area Rug, Runner, in the  model Amendoeira is a new variation of colors of an old pattern with more than 80 years old. Can be produced in several sizes. Choose the size fist and then the colors variations.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions (cm)

bed blanket 120X180cm, bed blanket 160X220cm, bed blanket 180x240cm, bed blanket 90x120cm, bed blanket 90x150cm

Base Color / Pattern

base cru desenho azul meia noite, base cru desenho verde 13 & 603, base mescla desenho azul meia noite